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"Quite frankly David, I’m taken a back by how you were able to figure out exactly what we had paid Ogilvy a lot of money to figure out, and with so little information. It’s incredible how quickly you did it. The good thing is you’ve confirmed what they are recommending."
Michael Schriver - President of Merchandising
DFS Group Limited (Duty Free Shops)

SERVICES: A Testimonial...

The architectural plans for our 3-million-dollar build-out were missing the mark, and I knew we needed outside help. Having seen you at a recent speaking engagement where you addressed some very complex issues, I knew you were the person I wanted to guide us back on track.

...As you're already aware, the results were exactly what I expected. The surprise was how quickly you worked. I had allocated a few weeks for the project, but you refocused our entire project in less than 20 minutes after your arrival.

... you were able to cut a several-week-long project into 6 hours. I liked that you gave us a completely redesigned floor layout that encompassed everything from Lean Manufacturing strategies to the facilitation of organizational design. I think the architects were even surprised at how detailed your plans were when completed.

Karen Hagel
Heart & Lung Clinic PrimeCare Health Group



  Strategic Planning  

Strategic Alchemy is what separates our strategic planning work from others. Our unique approach rapidly assesses the most important actual challenges and brings about immediate results.

In addition, corporate objectives are met by creating the vision for the organization and attaining real buy in.  Most managers or executive management teams fail not in understanding the need for defining a purpose, but in creating a picture that the entire organization can believe is attainable.  

The CEO, Board of Directors, President, Executive Management and Management must all have a cohesive directive in mind and a clear thought-out plan to attain that objective.  Furthermore, the most successful groups are those who follow through. We show you exactly how to do this and how to monitor progress.   Visionary organizations that last the test of time have leaders who are committed in their beliefs and are focused on follow through to attain their goals.  The company, as well as the individua,l must work daily by creating feedback loops that insure everyone is working in the same direction daily, weekly, monthly.

It's unbelievable what you accomplished with us in just a few days. Seriously, we started out with one project that most likely would have taken other consultants days to accomplish and you did it in no time at all allowing us to move on to the other 27 or 28 other solutions you provided. The surprising thing is they are all getting done. All of them.

I even just closed a deal that covered all your expenses in only a day or two after you left! (I think Lois is getting a little nuts hearing about how lucky I feel that you dropped into our office.)

Well this was supposed to be a testimonial but I think it's more of a thank you note for an incredible job and one where I would recommend you to anyone anytime. And we are! Lois has referred you to Where Magazine's owner, we've recommended you to an extremely large hospital, and so on and so on.

I can't start to thank you enough. You've changed the way we do business. It's incredible and serendipity. The great part is that we will be able to continually use what you've helped us achieve for years to come. You definitely delivered Million Dollar Solutions to Vintage 429. Thank you once again,

Joey Sutton
Vintage 429
New Orleans, LA
  Change Management  

Corporations and organizations embrace change as a continuous methodology. Strategic Alchemy as applied to change managment is the melding together of human resources and assets to achieve a better ROI and market position.  In order to save time, currently decisions are normally made by evaluating time tested applications such as Six Sigma or Macomb Baldridge programs.  The value is that someone has already surveyed the landscape and somehow developed a methodology about increasing awareness for change. Wouldn't it be great to finally take the guess work out of the process and develop a tried and true path to your organization's goals?   

Our approach removes the obstacles that other applications can throw in your path. After all, not all applications fit the profile of every corporation.  The Strategic Alchemist approach is a universal way of working with management's systems, evaluating your unique situation, and putting a process in place that delivers short and long-term results.  Planning, training, and implementation are all part of the puzzle, and every single piece of the process is integral to the success of the whole.

I have experienced David Goldsmith's consulting firsthand and he is brilliant...the fastest brain on the planet. David generates more (enterprising) ideas or solutions and insights than most of the business world combined. And he is a master of many skills, so he is able to address so many facets of business. That is one thing I really like about David's business acumen -- he rapidly can grasp the whole picture and then effectively address the various parts. That is how I know David is a special kind of speaker, consultant and expert.  He continues to amaze me.

Andrea H. Gold
Gold Stars Speakers Bureau
Dynamic Pathways, Inc.
  Leadership Development  

The minds of leaders and managers are complex havens of ideas and challenges that must be focused in ways that move organizations forward quickly and in the right direction. In a era where knowledge is the key to keeping pace (at the very least), adapting to constant market changes, and selecting and implementing the right technologies to be market leaders, management can't afford mistakes. 

The Strategic Alchemist approach to leadership development involves rapidly assessing your strengths and weaknesses, identifying and prioritizing your most pressing challenges, and developing a focused strategy for you to gain results by leaps and bounds. Mental clutter and chaos are replaced by laser-focused directives that you can funnel through your entire organizaiton.

MetaMatrix Consulting Group works with senior level management in addressing the education of the teams that coordinate and run the organization, as well.  


David, Thank you for all your incredible input . I believe that we are now moving in a more positive direction. We will continue the process and will be incorporating the same thought processes in other areas of the resort. We have used your principles (put your best person at the point) in the ticketing department and have witnessed increadible results. At this point I am anticipating that there are opportunities for improvements in all departments and have begun the coaching process to encourage this type of thinking.

We are gradually achieving consensus in the acceptance of the 90/10 philosophy. Along with empowering the next level of managers to be driving the tactical solutions. The end result will allow us to complete the strategic plan.. The difficulty comes in avoiding getting hung up on the tactics, prior to clearly defining the strategy.

Ray Daigle
Director of Base Operations
Sugarbush Valley Ski Resort
Warren, VT

  Marketing Planning and Implementation  

Are you looking to open up new markets?  Understand the old ones?  Is your organization in need of assistance in developing a marketing plan that encompasses marketing traditionally as well as inclusive of Internet based marketing.  The Strategic Alchemist approach to defining markets, bringing new ideas to the table and putting in motion strategic programs is why so many firms turn to MetaMatrix Consulting Group to give them a competitive edge in their industries.  Nothing is off the shelf.  We work independently using years of experience to create an optimal marketing strategy for your organization before you ever invest a single dime or minute in a project.

You also have the additional option of receiving ongoing assistance in the acquisition of tools and services to create an all-inclusive and ongoing program to fit your firm's specific needs. 


We got it!! Thanks to you and your strategic help, we have secured what may be called the single largest contract in the history of the 3rd party moving industry . A contract worth millions to our firm. Your advice (as you say, quality over quantity) helped to position us to win over some very strong competitors and to position us as a leader in our industry. We expect the volume to double or even triple the size of our business over the next year and with your help we should be able to secure other contracts adding to our top and bottom lines.

Jim Walsh
Alliance Relocation Services
Syracuse, NY

  Project Planning  

Project planning is a subset of the strategic plan... however, the application is much more relevant not as a vision, but as a direct link to corporate goals and objectives.  Once the direction is in place, concrete, thought-out plans for building, restructuring, setting up a new facility etc. all need to be accomplished as quickly as possible to maintain the excitement as well as achieve market results.

The problem with nearly every new project is that the tactical side, the "call to action," comes too prematurely. This one common error dominoes throughout the project process until, at the end, teams and leaders are left with disappointing, if not disastrous results: over budget, over time, off target, etc. The Strategic Alchemist approach to project planning insures that you suffer this costly lapse from stage one. Clients are astounded at how smoothly projects run, how few (if any) errors occur, and how motivated project managers and their teams are to stay focused and productive from the first day to the last of a project using this unique approach.


From the first meeting we had, I knew you were going to be exactly what we needed as a consultant. Your ideas were fresh and your approach direct. Since that meeting you have done a tremendous amount to assist me and my firm while at the same time quickly ratcheted up the bar for every person with whom you have dealt. You have a knack for educating others. In our instance, you built a growth model and simultaneously gave new insight into what is needed to run any business no matter what the sales revenue or employee count may be .

Furthermore, you introduced systems and structure directed towards a common goal and you orchestrated our progress in a fashion that held individuals accountable for their own actions. You exceeded our expectations as you turned a once complacent group of executives into a much more productive group within a surprisingly short time frame.

Joe Giezeman
Searcy Uniform and Mat Service
(Now a Cintas Company)
Searcy, AR

  New Product and Service Development  

Startling as it is, most corporations, organizations, and government and education agencies admit they don't have a methodical process to developing new products and services. Yet products and services are at the crux of their existence!

Once you experience the Strategic Alchemist approach to new product and service development, you'll see how the traditional approach looks much like throwing darts at a dart board. And you won't want any part of the hit or miss approach once you and your teams learn the proven techniques and methodologies of new product and service development from the Strategic Alchemist.

This is an award-winning proprietary approach that will completely change the way that you address your organization's new products and services needs in the future.


Zonar Systems is continuing to blaze a path in the safety and compliance industry. Your 60 day evaluation process is now a standard, and the results are paying of quickly ... Fewer keystrokes, more instant information. Seamless solutions to today's business.

Eric Manegold
Director of Sales
Zonar Systems, LLC

  Succession Planning  
  When a corporation changes most presidents or senior level management are no longer in a position to make the correct decision as to who should succeed them.  In reality, a longer term selection should have already been in progress.  This includes either bringing up from within the organization or creating new blood.  No one knows when change will happen and its important to prepare for the worst or better yet prepare so that the organization is educating a team of people to lead when timing is relevant.   
  Business Enterprise Set-up  
  Quite often management is assigned the development of a new project or division with little more than a push out the door.  Setting up corporations or divisions requires just as much planning as starting an organization from scratch.  Strategic alchemy is the safety net you need to make sure nothing falls through the cracks and that your new enterprise begins with a strong foundation.   We help to ensure smooth transitions including purchase orders, office layout, order processing or project management, accounting, inventory, marketing, customer relationship management, technology selection, etc.  There are many aspects to coordinating relocation, growth and redeployment that in many cases the need for an entrepreneurial look is far more valuable than the typical education.  Before you make unnecessary expenditures with your start up budget, before you start on a course that you might regret later, see how the Strategic Alchemist approach to business start up and organization can save you time, money and head aches.  

Not only are you talented and bright, but your business sense has enabled be to take every aspect of my business to new heights. There aren't enough words to say how much I appreciate all you have done and the relationship we've been able to cultivate in the process. You are a coach, a friend and a business man that enables me to fill in the gaps where I am weak. Not only have you helped me to devise a better business system, and position my business in such a way that more and more people are coming to me for assistance, but you have enabled me to reframe reality and grow personally.

John Alston
John Alston Presents
Los Angeles, CA

  Alliances and Partnerships  

Alliances and partnerships in today's business world are almost a must for many industries. The synergy produced from two or more partners can add up to huge payoffs...1 plus 1 no longer adds up to can and should add up to 10.

However, people shy away from alliances that could spell huge competitive rewards, because they've heard or experienced such connections that have gone terribly wrong, and don't want any part of the nightmares.

The Strategic Alchemist approach to building strong and effective alliances removes the elements that lead to problems and replace them with the perfect recipe for success from the get go.

Our program opens up opportunities for Ad hoc alliances, consortiums, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, insuring that you develop the right type of connection for your organization's needs.

We work with leadership to determine what roles are expected of each party during the transition and into the future. We address the main obstacles to alliance success and show you exactly how to select and implement the best parnership for an all around win-win marriage. MetaMatrix helps in the executive education, planning and implementation stages of such management choices.


Web Based Strategic Planning
(including backend technology)


Are you using the web effectively or are you spending dollars to just be a dot-com business?  The net is a function of how to operate with customers having access 24/7.  The Strategic Alchemist approach to web-based strategic planning insures that your website is an extension and integrated working tool of your organization, not and electronic billboard. We also help you to implement backend technologies to work smarter, faster and more productively in you industry...putting you at a competitive edge, since so far, most companies still don't utilize their websites optimally. 

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